European Heritage & Tradition

For the past 24 years, the family business Amadeus has been servicing the community with cakes and pastries and is recognized as Toronto’s premiere pastry shop. The large selection, design, exquisite taste and quality of the products has quickly made it well known; it came to symbolize French Style and Luxury.

Whether the occasion is a Birthday, Wedding or unique celebration, Amadeus can make your dreams come true. The master bakers are not only the best at what they do, they are artisans in there own right.

Oh, and did we mention the café…
They invite you to come in and indulge your senses with a little taste of Paris in every bite!

The Amadeus vision began with European trained pastry chef, Lior Aronovich.

While attending culinary school in Paris France, Lior was enthralled by the attention to detail and quality of each step—from the beginning to the very end result of tasting the pastry creation.
Lior is a consummate perfectionist, which serves him well when it comes to the attention to detail required when making such exquisite pastries. Lior was also one of the first pioneers to import the European pastry style and decadence to Toronto.

Today, the master chef is constantly innovating and improving recipes and techniques, whilst concentrating on the preservation of pristine quality.
In 2011, Anat his wife came to join the team, bringing her unique style, and eye for detail as a designer of custom cakes. 

With it’s use of superior ingredients like creamy butter, smooth and rich chocolates, along with the freshest of whipping creams and stellar liqueurs, the Amadeus experience is one to savour!

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