Our Story

The Journey

A local, European-style pastry shoppe, Amadeus Patisserie brings a little bit of France, and a host of internatoinal flavours, to Canada with style, quality and elegance. For the Aronovich family, the owners and operators of business, a move from Israel to Canada in 1990. and opening a bakery was a natural transition. The eldest son, Lior, had trained under Israel’s most famous pastry chefs. So while he baked his Romanian-born parents managed the operations. After Lior’s parents retired in 2006, he parnered with his brother for a decade before teaming up with Anat, Lior’s wife,who joined the tean as a cake designer and partner. Today, the two shoppes, Vaughan and Newmarket locations, have become locales to gather and enjoy fine French-style cakes and pastries in an aromatic surrounding.

Signature Reputation

Lior’s yearly trips to pastry school in Paris, France, advances his bakingskills and reinforces the business’s attetion to high quality, techique, recipes and decor. As a result, Amadeus has gained popularity for its freshly-made products (including whipped cream, imported butter, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit and no mixes or preservatives) which are reminiscent of fine art gallery pieces, adorned withsignature chocolate swirls, distinctive art deco style designs and custom-made cakes of skilled perfection. The patisserie attractsan increasig clientele to its two locations and for its offering of nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free options. Lior and Anat’s combined talents inspire consumer tastebuds with products that boast artsanal flair and delicate flavouring, enveloped in visual ecreativity.

A French-inspired Bakery & Café

A full-service, French-inspired café and pastry shoppe, Amadeus Patisserie invites patrons to take a seat and indulge in fine pastries, freshly-baked croissants, macarons, cakes, tarts and more. Ideally accompanied with the Amadeus’ signature coffee, the jewel-like items offer enough decadence to satisfy simple pleasures. Patrons are also treated to a big-screen video revealing the masterful skills used in making some of Amadeus’ most exquisite pastries. Flawless presentation, unique techniques, timeless recipes and creative décor gives Amadeus Patisserie an industry reputation for serving up Heaven-on-a-plate products. It’s a friendly environment and a hot spot for those seeking downtown variety in an uptown setting!