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Pastries and Macaroons: The Perfect Companions for Coffee

Many accomplishments have been made over a good cup of coffee. It is often the beverage of choice for important meetings, intimate discussions, and serious debates! Although the caffeine may be partly to blame for the invigorating conversations that take place with a cup of joe at hand, no beverage can do the job alone. It takes the perfect treat to compliment your taste buds and give you the confidence you need to make your voice heard. The pastries and macaroons from Amadeus Patisserie are the ideal solution to get your day started or just to get you going.

What are Pastries?

Pastries are sweet treats that are made with a crust with a filling. Jelly-filled donuts and croissants are pastries that people enjoy every day. The pastries from Amadeus Patisserie are something more. Our exquisite collection of pastries are equally tempting and yet unique. Each pastry is artfully created to make it as visually appealing as it is delectable. Even those pastries that we normally see as ordinary become extraordinary!

What are Macaroons?

Macaroons are light cookies that are made with egg whites and sugar, along with flavorings. We add a blast of bright color to our various flavors to give them the vibrant, energetic appeal that will inspire you. Our flavors include vanilla, chocolate, lemon pistachio, coffee, and more. Everyone will have a favourite; they just have to try them until they find it.

Why Pastries & Macaroons?

These baked goods are small, portable, and flavoured just right to add the perfect complement to your coffee. Whether you are responsible for getting snacks for the boardroom meeting or you just want a delightful treat for breakfast, either of these goodies is certain to get results from anyone who indulges.

The History of Pastries

There are many kinds of pastries made today which all started from dough mixture wrapped around meat. Even more amazing, the Romans made these meat pastries as a means to preserve the meat’s aroma and juices.

Along the way, new versions of the pastry were created, adding first fruit and then puddings. The pastry has evolved into a confectionary treat that can be found in many forms and flavours.

The History of Macaroons

Unlike pastries, macaroons have not evolved very much from the original simple cookies made from sugar and egg whites and almond powder which created a light dough. The idea remains the same but with a large variety of flavours to make them a more tempting choice.

The Magic of Pastries & Macaroons from Amadeus Patisserie

If you want to be on the winning side of any discussion or the hit of the meeting, bring the pastries & macaroons needed to make the occasion better. Add a pot of coffee and see how truly inspiring the perfect pair of treats can be. To learn more about our selection or to place your order for any event, call us at 905-882-9957 and start getting more out of your conversations!

The Importance of the Perfect Custom Birthday Cake

There is no denying that birthdays hold a much higher level of enthusiasm for children than for most adults. Still, there is something about being acknowledged and appreciated on your birthday that never grows old. The way we go about wishing each other a “Happy Birthday” differs, with parties and gifts to delivery of flowers. It seems that no matter what else is included in a birthday surprise, the birthday cake is at the heart of the celebration.

The custom birthday cakes from Amadeus Patisserie are made to deliver the special message that the birthday girl or boy will remember for a lifetime. Custom designed cakes let the recipient know that you went the extra mile to plan their special day right down to the last detail. There is simply no other part of a birthday celebration that is as important as the cake. How many times have you gone to a birthday party where the big question was “Where is the cake”? Guests want to see what the cake looks like before they even greet the guest!

Choosing the Right Design

No one is going to get as excited about a cake that is bought already prepared as they will with a unique, custom designed birthday cake that features something important to them. A custom cake sets the theme for the celebration with the rest of the decorations and accessories often copying from the design. Somehow, going out of your way to buy the perfect cake makes the occasion even more special to people of any age.

Young children are typically easy to please with cartoon characters or representations of their special interests. However, you can improve on any design with a custom cake that is highly detailed and really stands out as one-of-a-kind. Once kids reach their teens, they become more particular and shy away from cartoon or childish designs. They prefer more sophisticated designs that still revolve around the things they enjoy, such as cars, music, or time at the beach.

Think about what your birthday person loves to do. It may be shopping for her or working on cars for him. Consider the ways that the person spends their time or what they like to collect. If she is known for her 99 pairs of shoes, maybe adding one more pair to her birthday cake is the perfect way to celebrate the big day.

Custom Birthday Cakes Make the Perfect Gift

We all know people who are really hard to buy for, but whom we want to go out of our way to show our appreciation to. What better way to do so than presenting them with a thoughtful custom birthday cake? Even when there is no party or they simply prefer not to make a big deal of it, you can let them know how important every year is to you.

To learn more about our custom birthday cakes, call us at 905-882-9957. Makes sure you get the custom cake that will make this birthday the best one ever!

Ideas For A Unique Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are a special part of anyone’s celebration, whether they are celebrating their 9th or their 99th! When you have the job of choosing the birthday cake, don’t take the honour for granted. A carefully thought out choice will show when the guest of honour recognizes the personal touch and thought that went into it. These are some guidelines to help you make a choice that will make a lasting impression.

  1. Choose the Right Bakery – Forget the deli of your local grocery store. A special occasion calls for a cake that you know will be as delicious as it is beautiful. Amadeus Patisserie Is Toronto’s premiere pastry shop and the first stop for a custom birthday cake in Toronto with exquisite taste and design. Our cakes go beyond being the quality you can trust; the custom designs and incredible taste are everything you want in a cake.
  2. Consider the Size – Consider how many people you will be serving and don’t skimp on the size. If you only allow a 2-inch square per guest, you are wasting your effort at even selecting a quality cake. Talk with the bakery about the number of guests you will be serving and your options for accommodating them with the cake of your choice.
  3. Flavour – Sometimes people go overboard when choosing flavours by attempting to come up with something unique, only to end up with a lot of uneaten cake. Fortunately, Amadeus Patisserie offers a variety of exquisite flavours that are certain to delight any number of guests.
  4. Design – Birthdays are a celebration of life and the birthday cake is the centerpiece of the festivities. The design of the cake should reflect an important interest of the guest of honour. In some cases, the milestone is the theme of the birthday party but you can make it even more personalized when you get a custom birthday cake in Toronto that was made just for them. For example, if your guest devotes time working at animal shelters, their dream cake might reflect their favourite breed. If a teen just got his license to drive, the cake might be created around a driving theme. At Amadeus Patisserie, our cake designer can help you find the perfect design for any individual you want to make feel special on their birthday!

Although many guides for selecting a birthday cake will include the budget, the birthday cake is not the place where you want to cut corners. Instead, reduce the number of guests, spend less on decorations, or look for a more affordable venue. The symbolism of the birthday cake is too important to neglect.

To ensure you get the dream cake that you have in mind, place your order for a custom birthday cake in Toronto at least three weeks in advance. Artistic creations take time! Call Amadeus Patisserie at 905-882-9957 and schedule an appointment with the cake designer or place your order online and start planning the event that will make your loved one’s dreams come true.

Top Reasons Amadeus Patisserie is the First Choice for Pastries in Toronto

Pastries were never meant to be your typical out-of-the-box breakfast food that satisfied your taste for sugar. Instead, they were designed to be an indulgence that satisfies all your senses. Amadeus Patisserie understands the artistry that goes into creating the perfect pastry. This is why they have become known as the premier bakery for pastries in Toronto. You will know the difference in quality at first sight.

Quality and taste you can see…

There is something truly special about having a pastry that is as much a thing of beauty as the variety of pastries we offer at our bakery and in the café. Each tart, macaroon, and éclair is artfully designed to make it uniquely aesthetically pleasing and tempting. Every choice you make will deliver a taste of Paris in every bite. Master Chef Lior is dedicated to constantly innovate and improve recipes, always using superior ingredients to create the pastries that have made Amadeus the premier pastry shop in Toronto.

Amadeus Patisserie has a history and tradition that goes well beyond the 24 years we have been serving the community with cakes and pastries. Master Chef Lior was among the first to bring the style and decadence of Europe to pastries in Toronto. His attention to detail in every step of the process is reflected in the high quality products that we offer today.

So much to choose from…

One of the reasons Amadeus has gained such popularity is for the selection of cakes and pastries we offer. Our variety makes it possible to meet the tastes of a large variety of people. You can stop in to the café and try a lemon tart today and come by for a whipped cream éclair next week. There is always a new taste to experience and, while you are certain to find your favourites, you won’t be disappointed in any of them.

No other taste like it…

The quality of ingredients that go into any recipe will determine the richness of flavour and the smoothness of the texture once it is done. Chef Lior uses only superior ingredients such as smooth, rich chocolates, creamy butter, fresh whipping creams, and stellar liqueurs to give his creations the aroma of excellence and the taste of perfection.

Just right for the occasion…

There are many occasions that call for a special treat. Visiting a friend, rewarding your employees, or to treat yourself are just a few reasons to pick up a box of Amadeus pastries in Toronto. The residents of Toronto have been experiencing the Amadeus difference for more than 24 years. They know the difference in quality and taste that makes eating our pastries an experience unlike any other.

When an occasion is special, the food served should be special too! Giving guests the memorable taste of decadent pastries will make the experience stand out in their mind for a long time to come. Call 905-882-9957 for more information about our cakes and pastries in Toronto or stop by the café for an experience that will thrill your senses.

The History Behind French patisserie

Patisserie that specializes in pastries and sweet is a blend of French and Belgian bakery. In both of these countries the patissier is a master chef who has undergone a lengthy training process mainly a set of written examination followed by an apprenticeship. Patisseries are a common sight in towns and villages in both of these countries.

During the 19th century hotel building and tourism increased in Paris, which gave foundations to the café culture in Paris. These years Paris also expanded on shopping centers to provide clean and safe atmosphere for tourists to shop. Patisserie sector showed growth as well. In the 20th century businesses that are now well known opened and expanded with shops all around the globe. However patisseries in Paris are independent and unique treasuring the wealth of history behind them.

French patisserie back in the day was famous for the chocolate éclair, the vanilla or raspberry flavored macaroon, the classic French apple tart or the mille-feuille.

The heart and soul of French pastry is undoubtedly the croissant.

Croissant is after all the simplest yet the most delicious pastry with layers of flaky, buttery pastry and a crispy layer outside.
Food historians have debated about the origins of croissant: it is truly a French pastry or is it Viennese. The earliest story of croissant started from 1683 Vienna, Austria. A similar story took place in Budapest Hungary. The French queen wasn’t born in France she arrived at the age of 15 from Austria. She missed the Austrian specialty called the kipfel and requested the royal bakers to attempt a version.

Another tale is of August Zang an Austrian artillery officer who pioneered the Viennese Bakery in Paris during the 1800’s. Most food historians agree that he is the most likely one to have introduced the kipfel to France.
The first printed recipe of the croissant did not appear until Joseph Favre’s Dictionnaire universel de cuisine, which published a recipe containing powdered almonds and sugar that were similar to Middle Eastern pastry. Right after this publication Auguste Colombie published the true croissant recipe that we eat today.

Croissants are now one of the most popular pastries in French bakery tradition. Among the kind of croissants the butter one, not to be confused with the one made with margarine is the most famous.

If you happen to go to Paris and want to taste the specialties offered try visiting the following places:

  • Bread and Roses
  • Des Gateaux et du Pain
  • La Patisserie Cyril Lignax

What to Do With Your Custom Birthday Cake

Custom birthday cake solutions are unique and certainly appealing. You might be surprised at how versatile a birthday cake can be. You should especially think carefully about how that cake is going to be designed in terms of its size, how well it is prepared and so forth.

You can devise all sorts of unique custom birthday cakes for any person in your life. The best thing about getting a custom birthday cake designed is that it is not all that hard to find a choice that works well. You should look properly to see what you can get out of a custom birthday cake no matter what occasion it might be for.

Opt For a Theme

You need to establish a theme for your custom birthday cake. The cake should be designed to where it has a smart theme that relates to whatever the person of honor is interested in.

You have to take a look at points like what a person does for a living, hobbies or interests that person has and so forth. This should help you figure out what you are going to do when getting your custom cake prepared.

You can always talk with others who know the guest of honor about themes. Try to avoid talking with that specific honoree about the theme as you don’t want to spoil the surprise. The cake should be something for that person to look forward to without being overly predictable in some manner.

Is Fondant Sensible?

Fondant is a type of frosting that has become very popular in today’s custom cake industry. Fondant contains sugar and water mixed with gelatin and glycerin. It is applied to many cakes to create a smooth and shiny surface. It can come in one of many colors and is especially edible.

Fondant can last for months when prepared and will create an even texture to any cake. Still, you should think carefully about how the fondant is prepared. The fondant needs to be properly flavored with a good texture that is not all that hard for anyone to consume.

The fondant should not be too thick either. It can be a few millimeters on top of the cake but it should not be too thick to the point where it might be hard to cut through. Also, anything that is too thick might keep the soft texture of the cake from being as easy to enjoy as it should be.

Prepare Shapes With Many Parts

It is often easier to get a shape for a custom birthday cake prepared when several parts are used. That is, you might have to use two or more molds for when you’re aiming to create some special shapes. This is especially the case when you’re trying to create a cake with a numerical shape.

You can always consider cutting your cake molds or even creating special customized molds for your shape. You might have to talk with a professional about getting a unique mold devised. Fortunately, the advent of 3D printing has made it easier for such shapes to be created although not all bakers have access to this form of technology.

Fruit Works As a Topping

Fruit is great to have on top of a custom birthday cake. That is, the fruit will be added as a decoration that can be enjoyed alongside the rest of the cake.

This is great to have but the fruit should be added after the cake is fully prepared and baked. The fruit is only to be used as a topping.

Specifically, you should not try to add the fruit into the cake batter or into anything inside the cake. The fruit can cause the cake to become wet. Adding nice and well-cut fruit onto the top of the cake is always a better solution as it makes the cake more appealing and brings about a new flavor.

You might want to consider dried fruits for toppings too. Dried fruits are great for how they won’t add moisture to the cake.

Consider Specific Candies For Individual Cakes

While sprinkles are popular to add for any custom birthday cake, it may be easier for you to opt for a specific type of candy instead. You can opt for one of various great types of candies for your cake. For instance, you can opt for a series of gummy candies or even some chocolates. These will certainly add some better flavors.

Themes may be used in some cases. A series of gummy worms can be used in an apple-themed cake, for instance. Swedish fish may also be added on a nautical-themed cake.

Of course, you should not add these candies into the cake before baking it. The candies should be fresh and ready to consume when they are placed on top of a finished cake.

Don’t Forget Layers

Many of the most popular custom birthday cakes are layered ones. That is, they contain individual cake layers that are added on top of one another to create an added flavor or texture. This can be a good option to have but you should always think carefully about how they are to be applied.

Make sure when getting your custom birthday cake prepared that you have layers that are appropriately designed and laid on top of one another. You will have to add icing onto each layer separately so they will look appropriate without anything dropping off of the cake.

Also, the layers should be reviewed based on how properly aligned the cakes are. A professional can help you out with creating even layers so the cake will look its best. This can work even in cases where the layers come in different flavors or feature varied textures.

Your custom birthday cake can certainly be a great thing to serve at a special event but you should look carefully to see that you know what you are doing with it. Be careful when getting your cake ready so you will have a good one for that next special event.

Choosing a Wedding Cake the Right Way

Wedding cakes are among the most beautiful cakes in the world. They are used as great centerpieces for weddings. These are made to be incredibly elaborate with all sorts of tiers and color tones. The decorative accents that come with wedding cakes especially make them amazing to spot.

You can certainly get the most out of a wedding cake if you just think about how you’re going to get it prepared. There are many good considerations that must be taken seriously as you only get one real chance to make the best possible wedding cake.

Prepare a Sensible Design

When choosing your wedding cake, you need to think about the design that you want to work with. The design in particular should be memorable and unique but still easy for a baker to prepare. When chosen right, it should be very easy for your wedding cake to stand out.

You can always consider a design based on things like how tall the cake will be, any accents that are to be placed on the side and the color of the cake. Think about as many aspects of your wedding cake as possible to give yourself an easier time with getting the most out of your cake.

The design should be checked carefully regardless of how big it is. This leads into the next key point.

How Big Should It Be?

A wedding cake is typically larger in size than that of any other cake out there. Much of this is to support the amazing design that you will opt for when getting your cake ready.

You have to watch carefully when choosing a good wedding cake that is large enough:

  • The servings should be considered based on the number of people on the groom’s and bride’s sides. It helps to keep the number of servings as evenly as possible between the groom’s and bride’s sides assuming that the two have about the same number of people involved.
  • The size of each tier in your cake can vary but the base should be at least ten inches from one end to the next. This can always be larger if the wedding party is bigger in size.
  • You might consider offering seconds to people if desired. While typical wedding cakes are prepared to where each guest gets one slice, you should think about being generous.
  • Don’t forget about the formality of the wedding. The slices cut at a more formal wedding are often rather small. Sometimes they are closer to one inch in size. A more informal venue might cut the cake with two-inch slices.

The size of your cake deserves to be considered based on how it is made and how it will be cut. You have to look carefully to see that your cake is big enough and that the cutting is done in a sensible and responsible manner.

The Top Cake Tier Is Your Own

The top cake tier for your cake should be used as one between you and your new partner. The top cake tier should be enjoyed at your home after the wedding. This is used as a symbol of the wedding and the newfound union between you and your partner.

A small box should be added with your cake for the top cake tier. Remember that this part of the cake should not be considered too much as it is not one that is going to be consumed by other people at the wedding.

Be Prepared To Spend Money

You should watch for how much you will spend on your cake. You will certainly have to pay more in order to get a better wedding cake. This comes as the more elaborate designs typically cost more money to use.

A typical wedding cake can cost at least $400 in value. This is a high total that can prove to be prohibitive for many people. This could be even higher in some metropolitan areas with the cost being at least a thousand dollars.

You should also consider the slicing based on the charges associated. Many venues will charge a per-slice cake-cutting fee. This is due to the precise nature of getting a proper cut going when getting each slice served. This fee can be good for at least a dollar per slice but some venues might charge at least five dollars per slice for this fee.

The cost associated with cutting the cake can be rather difficult and prohibitive. You need to ensure you can actually afford the cost that comes with the cake but more importantly, you should try and negotiate a deal. A good deal could be established in a contract you set up with the venue and even the baker alike.

Watch For the Shape

The shape of your cake should be considered carefully. A traditional square or rectangular shape is clearly easier for a baker to make and therefore will cost less money. This could be a good choice for your wedding in terms of how the cake is baked and served.

Still, a traditional shape might be too plain. You can always opt for a heart shape or any other unique shape for your cake if desired. Be prepared to spend an extra bit of time with getting this to work if you choose to go in this route.

Prepare a Tasting

Be sure to prepare a tasting with whoever you are looking to have make your wedding cake. This can help you get a clear idea of how well a cake is made and whether it is of a proper flavor and texture to your preference. This should help you get the most out of your plans for getting your cake to work out quite well.

Your wedding cake should be unique and special. Be sure when choosing your wedding cake that you know what to get out of it and that you have a clear idea of what will make it work. After all, this is not just any ordinary cake.


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