Ideas For A Unique Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are a special part of anyone’s celebration, whether they are celebrating their 9th or their 99th! When you have the job of choosing the birthday cake, don’t take the honour for granted. A carefully thought out choice will show when the guest of honour recognizes the personal touch and thought that went into it. These are some guidelines to help you make a choice that will make a lasting impression.

  1. Choose the Right Bakery – Forget the deli of your local grocery store. A special occasion calls for a cake that you know will be as delicious as it is beautiful. Amadeus Patisserie Is Toronto’s premiere pastry shop and the first stop for a custom birthday cake in Toronto with exquisite taste and design. Our cakes go beyond being the quality you can trust; the custom designs and incredible taste are everything you want in a cake.
  2. Consider the Size – Consider how many people you will be serving and don’t skimp on the size. If you only allow a 2-inch square per guest, you are wasting your effort at even selecting a quality cake. Talk with the bakery about the number of guests you will be serving and your options for accommodating them with the cake of your choice.
  3. Flavour – Sometimes people go overboard when choosing flavours by attempting to come up with something unique, only to end up with a lot of uneaten cake. Fortunately, Amadeus Patisserie offers a variety of exquisite flavours that are certain to delight any number of guests.
  4. Design – Birthdays are a celebration of life and the birthday cake is the centerpiece of the festivities. The design of the cake should reflect an important interest of the guest of honour. In some cases, the milestone is the theme of the birthday party but you can make it even more personalized when you get a custom birthday cake in Toronto that was made just for them. For example, if your guest devotes time working at animal shelters, their dream cake might reflect their favourite breed. If a teen just got his license to drive, the cake might be created around a driving theme. At Amadeus Patisserie, our cake designer can help you find the perfect design for any individual you want to make feel special on their birthday!

Although many guides for selecting a birthday cake will include the budget, the birthday cake is not the place where you want to cut corners. Instead, reduce the number of guests, spend less on decorations, or look for a more affordable venue. The symbolism of the birthday cake is too important to neglect.

To ensure you get the dream cake that you have in mind, place your order for a custom birthday cake in Toronto at least three weeks in advance. Artistic creations take time! Call Amadeus Patisserie at 905-882-9957 and schedule an appointment with the cake designer or place your order online and start planning the event that will make your loved one’s dreams come true.