Pastries and Macaroons: The Perfect Companions for Coffee

Many accomplishments have been made over a good cup of coffee. It is often the beverage of choice for important meetings, intimate discussions, and serious debates! Although the caffeine may be partly to blame for the invigorating conversations that take place with a cup of joe at hand, no beverage can do the job alone. It takes the perfect treat to compliment your taste buds and give you the confidence you need to make your voice heard. The pastries and macaroons from Amadeus Patisserie are the ideal solution to get your day started or just to get you going.

What are Pastries?

Pastries are sweet treats that are made with a crust with a filling. Jelly-filled donuts and croissants are pastries that people enjoy every day. The pastries from Amadeus Patisserie are something more. Our exquisite collection of pastries are equally tempting and yet unique. Each pastry is artfully created to make it as visually appealing as it is delectable. Even those pastries that we normally see as ordinary become extraordinary!

What are Macaroons?

Macaroons are light cookies that are made with egg whites and sugar, along with flavorings. We add a blast of bright color to our various flavors to give them the vibrant, energetic appeal that will inspire you. Our flavors include vanilla, chocolate, lemon pistachio, coffee, and more. Everyone will have a favourite; they just have to try them until they find it.

Why Pastries & Macaroons?

These baked goods are small, portable, and flavoured just right to add the perfect complement to your coffee. Whether you are responsible for getting snacks for the boardroom meeting or you just want a delightful treat for breakfast, either of these goodies is certain to get results from anyone who indulges.

The History of Pastries

There are many kinds of pastries made today which all started from dough mixture wrapped around meat. Even more amazing, the Romans made these meat pastries as a means to preserve the meat’s aroma and juices.

Along the way, new versions of the pastry were created, adding first fruit and then puddings. The pastry has evolved into a confectionary treat that can be found in many forms and flavours.

The History of Macaroons

Unlike pastries, macaroons have not evolved very much from the original simple cookies made from sugar and egg whites and almond powder which created a light dough. The idea remains the same but with a large variety of flavours to make them a more tempting choice.

The Magic of Pastries & Macaroons from Amadeus Patisserie

If you want to be on the winning side of any discussion or the hit of the meeting, bring the pastries & macaroons needed to make the occasion better. Add a pot of coffee and see how truly inspiring the perfect pair of treats can be. To learn more about our selection or to place your order for any event, call us at 905-882-9957 and start getting more out of your conversations!