Macarons Tower – 50pc


A tower of treats!Choose from a selection of many flavours ofmarvelous macarons to create this tower of French-inspired treats. It’s the perfect gift idea for special occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, showers and more.

Be sure to give us one week’s notice to prepare your exquisite edible gift.
For more information, call: 905.882.9957

Black Sesame, Passion Mango, Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut), Salted caramel, Raspberry, Cassis (Black current), Vanilla, Earl Grey, Café, Pistachio, Chocolate 60%, Rose petal, Matcha, Red Velvet

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Passion fruit, Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut), Coconut, Chocolate caramel, Salted caramel, Raspberry, Cassis (Black current), Vanilla Earl Grey, Café, Pistachio, Chocolate, Rose petal, Mango, Matcha


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